Collaborative Art Project – Humanity Explored

In October 2020, Mark Denny from Mounted ARI and Anne Blair-Hickman from BMCAN discussed the possibility of running a collaborative art project. An expression of interest was sent out to their networks and 20 people responded.

In December 2020, they ran an information session at Mount ARI in Springwood. The project was presented and a speed dating style matching was run where artists could meet the other artists. Once the artists had met each other, they completed a form which enabled them to request who they were paired with.

A theme of “Visions of Humanity at the Beginning of the New Millenium” was presented with some ideas for the artists to contemplate and explore. They could either work together on a final piece(s) or create their own work.

Behind the project was a desire to connect artists living in and around the Blue Mountains area. The previous year, COVID had thrown all of us into isolation and there was uncertainty around what form the world would take in the coming years. Would we still be in isolation? Would we be able to visit galleries?

It was decided that the final works would be displayed on an online gallery which could be shared with family, friends and the community.

Eight people in total signed up and completed the project. The works are varied, as was the approach the artists took. Here’s a summary of the artists and what they created:

Geoff Matthews and Livonne Larkins

Geoff and Livonne worked on three pieces. Geoff started by sketching three pictures which Livonne then digitally manipulated. These are stunning works titled Grace of Adam, Strength of Venus, Defy the drudgery.

Catherine McCorkill and Zsuzsi McGovern

Catherine and Zsuzsi met one another in their homes and then worked on independent pieces – a beautiful portrait of Zsuzsi in her garden and an abstract environmental landscape piece.

Tim Jones and Mark Denny

Tim and Mark’s collaboration was all done remotely. Their digital collage is the result of deep thinking around many issues related to humanity. Two QR codes accompany their work and visitors to the gallery can go deeper into this project.

Anne Blair-Hickman and Anita White came together over a cup of tea and explored possibilities for their collaborative project. Both ‘Wonder’ and ‘Family’ rose as they discussed humanity, COVID, isolation and worldview. They set about working on independent projects – and painted their daughters who were experiencing wonder in the world. As Anita eloquently said “Lose the wonder, lose the world”.

In April 2021, the artists came together at Mounted ARI and shared their journeys and the process around their work. It was a wonderful time of sharing and connecting. The virtual gallery was also launched.

This virtual gallery is now ready to be viewed by the public by clicking below.

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