A busy year ahead

We have 12 exhibitions this year (see Deb Sheehan’s report), including a series of sculpture and jewellery exhibitions at the Palais Royale, Katoomba. Also In the Upper Mountains, there’s Talking Art, a developing program with monthly talks about the social and cultural significance of art. Talks are held at the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba and are made available as podcasts shortly afterwards. In the Lower Mountains, there are bi monthly talks between artists about their experience, held in local cafes and homes.

This year, we are holding two Arts Trails, rather than four, but we’re providing increased promotion for those artists wishing to open their studios, whether on a set weekend each month or any weekend they choose –all with increased collaboration with tourism organisations.

Of course, the other important activity which is growing significantly is the Wild Mountains Collective with its various activities reaching all creative practices. More about all these programs can be found in Barbara Lepani’s report and on our website, www.bmcan.com.au.

What does BMCAN stand for?

BMCAN is a community membership-based, not-for-profit organisation that aims to support a vibrant, sustainable, creative arts community through leadership, member services and collaborative partnerships. But what does this mean? We are discussing the nature of our spread, our exact aims and activities, and we want to engage our members and the community in the conversation. We welcome your comments as we refine our overall scope.

Following our rebranding from BMAN to BMCAN last year, we are continuing to broaden our reach to include all creative practices. And although we are geographically focused on the Blue Mountains, should we be limited by that?

Share your thoughts!

We would like to have your feedback. Please feel free to discuss this with a BMCAN Management Committee member or email comments to info@bmcan.com.au

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