AELA is inviting submissions from creatives around Australia, for our 2022 ‘Earthwords and Artlings’ Anthology. Submissions are due 31 July. The final Anthology will be launched in mid September, as part of AELA’s Earth Laws Month.


Earthwords and Artlings provides a platform for emerging and established Australian creatives to exhibit work designed to reflect, lament, provoke, celebrate and challenge our ideas about ourselves and our relationships with other life and life supporting systems on our fragile planet.

In our first Anthology in 2020, we shared works from creative writers, poets, nature photographers and illustrators.Please visit our Earth Arts website to enjoy our 2020 Anthology “The Voices of Nature”

For all the details, visit our Earth Arts website



The theme for the 2022 Earthwords Anthology is “Tipping Points”. We invite the exploration of the social and ecological spaces at the precipice of change, whether the threshold has just been encountered, retreated from, or passed long ago. And whether the encounter is momentous and calamitous, or banal and unremarkable, “Tipping Points” provides an open provocation for creative musings about the places, socio-ecological relationships, and timelines that we find ourselves in . . . or perhaps yearn for.

The Earthwords Anthology values and celebrates creative pieces that are optimistic and that reflect the hope, gratitude, wonder and possibility needed to envision a positive future for our planet. In saying this, we encourage creatives to explore the emotional complexities of Earth-centred concepts, however, the Earthwords Anthology ultimately aims to be a space for the celebration of nature and the betterment of our earth.

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