A shared vision for a Blue Mountains heritage house Brian Reid and Pennie Steel both have long and interesting individual careers as artists, each over some forty-five years. Since 1999, they have collaborated on a range of work calling themselves SteelReid Studio with the latest incarnation of this fruitful partnership finding its home and inspiration in Katoomba. It is here, at Cathkin Braes, a beautiful Federation Queen Anne style house on the corner of Lurline Street and Kurrawan Road, the two artists are currently developing a new kind of artspace: part theatre, part private art collection, part digital gallery, part educational hub and artistic forum, part ongoing artwork-in-itself. The venture is strictly non-commercial and not-for-profit and can even be playfully summarised, in the spirit of Magritte, as ‘this is NOT a gallery’. Oz Arts writer Julian Leatherdale visited Brian and Pen

Thursday 10:00 am4:00 pm

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Sunday 10:00 am4:00 pm