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New South Wales


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  • Nolan on Lovel

    The Nolan on Lovel gallery situated halfway between Katoomba and Leura was opened by Terry & Robyn Nolan in October 2008 exhibiting top class contemporary art and hosting very popular musical evenings.

    Robyn and Terry’s belief is that a gallery should be more than a viewing space for art works – it should be a place of excitement, a centre of ideas and stimulation, a place where you have your spirit refreshed.

    Before returning to formal studies and devoting herself full time to her painting, Robyn trained and worked as a potter for over twenty years. During this time she and fellow potter Jan Green ran a vibrant production workshop on the NSW northern beaches ‘South Creek Pottery’.

    From 2012 the gallery has been used as a studio/gallery for Robyn’s work as Terry took the time to renovate the old semi-industrial building, construct the pottery and the garden and return to making pots. ‘The studio/gallery is an extension of our lifestyle’ Terry explains ‘there is a wonderful sense of freedom living here in the mountains. The wild natural beauty and the stubborn individuality – not to say eccentricity of the residents is very liberating’.

    The gallery continues to evolve and from 2018 special exhibitions will be curated and well known Katoomba artists John Ellison and Lyn Harrison will also show their annual exhibitions.  A range of exclusive ‘Evolve’ handcrafted candles is also available.