Payments may be made here for membership or any other purpose, including donations. Please include a statement of the purpose or reason for the payment.

Membership fees are $50 per calendar year plus a once off joining fee of $10. So that’s $60 to join and $50 per year thereafter, and are due 1st January each year. If you join after 1st July Membership is $35  until 31 December and then $50 per year thereafter.

To make any payment please pay by credit card, direct deposit or post a cheque as below. To pay for an exhibition, you can pay by credit card or direct deposit but with the appropriate reference, or via post with a note.

  • Pay online by direct deposit to the BMCAN account at Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633000, Account No: 165621020, Reference: Surname and Membership or Surname and Exhibition or Surname and Trail or Surname and ‘Reason’, Account Name: Blue Mountains Artists Company
  • And email Warring Neilsen – Company Secretary with details of the payment at to let him know you have made this payment.
  • Or post cheque to: BMCAN, P.O.Box 450, Katoomba, 2780



Donations are made into the BMCAN Public Fund account which provides tax deductibility for personal donations. BMCAN has full deductible gift recipient (DGR) status for donations to the Public Fund. To make a donation by EFT:

  • Pay online by direct deposit to Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633000, Public Fund Account: 165621012, Reference: Surname and Donation, then send an email to Warring Neilsen at giving your name and address so we can provide a receipt and acknowledge the donation.
  • Or post a letter with your name and address & cheque to: BMAN, P.O. Box 450, Katoomba, 2780