Payments may be made here for membership or any other purpose. Please include a statement of the purpose or reason for the payment.

Membership fees are $50 per financial year plus a once off joining fee of $10, and are due 1st January each year. If you join after 1st July Membership is $35  until 31 December and then $50 per year thereafter.

To make any payment please pay by credit card, direct deposit or post a cheque as below. To pay for an exhibition you can pay by credit card or online but with the appropriate reference or via post with a note.

  • Pay online by direct deposit to the BMCAN account at Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633000, Account No: 165621020, Reference: Surname and Membership or Surname and Exhibition or Surname and Trail or Surname and ‘Reason’, Account Name: Blue Mountains Artists Company
  • And email Peter Shoemark – Company Secretary with details of the payment at to let him know you have made this payment.
  • Or post cheque to: BMCAN, P.O.Box 450, Katoomba, 2780