Janelle is a Bundjalung woman. She lives in the Blue Mountains with her daughter Kirra. Although often longing to get back to the ocean, Janelle feels very connected to the Blue Mountains Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community.

‘It’s definitely [the] landscape … something that draws you, it’s just the air and the feel up here … just the weather patterns as well can be really powerful and draw you in, and community you know!’

We visited two places with Janelle, each site reflecting Janelle’s family history, lifestyle, environmentalism and arts practice.

Janelle’s foster mother’s sister lived in Springwood in the mountains. When Janelle was a little girl, she would spend public, school holidays and weekends coming up to Springwood and Blackheath to visit her.

‘I remember swimming at the old Blackheath pool when I was little and being terrified of the black water …. When I was pregnant with my daughter I decided I needed to leave Sydney, because I just thought it was a nicer place to come back [to] raise her …. We’ve since been in Queensland for a little bit and Tassie for a little bit as well, but we’re here at the moment. Yeah it keeps bringing me back, it’s pretty special.’

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