Julie Ankers


Julie is an entrepreneur with a passion for promoting and developing people, which is why she started a speakers and trainers bureau 25 years ago as well as a company focusing on retaining mature age workers and building effective age-inclusive workforces.

​This kick-started her interest in the over 50s. It also led to her taking on leadership roles in organisations such as Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (WCEI), National Foundation for Australian Women (NFAW), Economic Security 4 Women (eS4W) and Zonta International.

Four years ago Julie decided to make a tree change and currently lives in the Blue Mountains. She divides her time between presiding over a community radio station, producing a 2-hour radio program called ARTHouse, her various board/committee commitments and writing.

Not forgetting her obsession with beautifully designed hand-crafted jewellery, her love of a good book with a glass of red, theatre, cinema and the exquisite beauty of the Blumos.


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Julie Ankers

Julie Ankers

Julie Ankers

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