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Peter Shoemark (Shoey) stepped into sculpting 16 years ago, since when he has created over 1,000 quirky objects from recycled materials, mostly metal. Apart from some TAFE courses in welding and workshops in blacksmithing, he art arises from deep springs of imagination, creativity, humour and humanity.

Shoey’s combination of surrealism, animation and character influences provide a self-assured approach to the discipline of sculpture, resulting in a unique range of works. After filling the garden with sculptures, friends sternly started saying “no more”; it was time to trot around the Blue Mountain galleries.

Sixteen years later and still no noticeable reduction in the size of the scrap heap or amount of clutter, the creative challenge continues.  No animal, person or belief could be considered sacred or beyond the scope of an ageing welder gone feral. 

On turning 55 and being given a grumpy old mans book by Senior Management it was a bit of a wake-up shock.  The pages about seeking a younger “sole mate” had been torn out and points about taking up a hobby or art had been highlighted, whilst pages on cleaning up your property had been tagged and marked “take note”.

At the same time pieces from the agricultural machinery and industrial waste collection of 30 years started to creep onto walkways.

One day the subliminal messages from Senior Management and the bruised toes clicked – trip art was invented.  I found later that fiendish wives throughout the world had done similar things and that this form of old man therapy was known as; found art or junk art and for those too lazy to weld- assembled art.

The welder started attacking the metal stack and mufflers soon became penguins, truck springs changed to panthers.  There was no stopping.

The right brain challenge requires the writing of descriptive tags unique to each work, pushing social comment, occasional dry humour and a dash of cynicism all in the cause that art should be fun.

Works are now found throughout Australia and overseas, with strong interest in America, Canada and France.


Current Exhibition

A Real Shoemozzle Foundart by Peter Shoemark
One of the great quandaries facing an artist when staging an exhibition is what to call the exhibition. Not so for local junk sculptor Peter Shoemark, who was using a shoe theme, so “A Real Shoemozzle” seemed a logical name and besides what could go wrong?
The original exhibition was scheduled for Nov 2021, however lockdown masked those plans, so now the exhibition will proceed on 17 March 2022 at Gallery ONE88 in Katoomba, with the opening on the 19th.

Short fun video of the opening of

Peter Shoemark – A Real Shoemozzle

Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts 17th – 28th March

Featured Work

Peter Shoemark

Black Owl

Peter Shoemark

The Violinist

Peter Shoemark

Golden Duck

Peter Shoemark

Box Accordian

Peter Shoemark

Peuter Ducks

Peter Shoemark

Club Creatures

Peter Shoemark


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