T im K Jones is an artist whose work aims to expand minds, change perceptions, open hearts to suffering & reduce stress. Jones’ art is a visual conversation between viewer and artist.

Living and working in Mount Victoria Tim’s imagery meanders from the panoramic through to animal portraiture. Using traditional and new media his art is experimental with many eclectic art influences. Tim’s work has been a finalist in major national art competitions such as the Rick Amor Drawing and Gallipoli Art Prize competitions.

Exposure to art came early, his first gallery visit as a toddler is a cherished memory. A wonderful Aboriginal rock art gallery at the end of a surrealistic bushwalk. High school art studies were rewarding under the teaching of Pat Bandurski, a bastion of Art Education in WA. Tim’s university tutors included Brian Blanchflower, Penny Webb, Ben Joel and Doug Chambers. Upon completion of his studies Tim worked as an illustrator, graphic and set designer for a Perth theatre company, book publishers and educational institutions. With graphics and educational design experience Tim took up working for a graphic design and publishing company. 

Portrait by Brad Diedrich

Working in this rapidly developing ITC sector Tim witnessed the Technologiåççlution first hand, starting with magtape and mainframe computers, ending with DTP, CD publishing and the Internet. Tim took up management of the company’s multimedia division producing electronic publications for leading companies and government organisations via disk, CD and the web. Although project management and software development were important, Tim’s work with interactive design & 2D-3D animation were major parts of his role. 

After 15 years in the industry Tim took a tree change to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney where he started a picture framing and art restoration business. Tim gave up this business to work full time on his art and has held a successful solo exhibitions at Gallery One88, Katoomba and been selected in major national art prizes. 


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