Welcome to the BMCAN community. Your membership* has been received and an email has been sent with your password to login to your Member Directory. The Member Directory is a great feature of membership but it does require your input. You can keep your Member Directory updated by logging in at any time to make changes.

Note your inclusion in the Member Directory and display of your home / studio address are turned on by default – you need to actively opt out to be excluded from the Member Directory.

A great feature of the Member Directory is the ability to receive and send messages via the BMCAN website in a secure environment. Messages to and from your Member Directory system don’t display email addresses. Naturally, isn’t displayed online (you can if you wish to)   isn’t displayed online

Please select the Volunteer for project option if you can help us out with the busy BMCAN program. We are seeking people with all sorts of skills and talents, from erecting event signage through to serving on the management committee.

Our Marketing & Media manager, Brad Diedrich will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your entry in the BMCAN website SHOWCASE. It makes busy Brad’s life easier and ensures your most accurate data is displayed if you can get your Member Directory up to date quickly.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  new members who pay their fees via bank funds transfer may experience a short delay (up to 4 days) in access to the Member Directory login as their payment is confirmed. Payments via card are processed automatically and you will have access to your Member Profile and Directory instantly.

If you are encountering difficulties with the system or have other enquiries contact our member secretary Tim K Jones – membersecretary@bmcan.com.au

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